Health consists of several factors. We normally think that if a person is physically active and fit with or without exercise, that person is healthy. It may not beal ways true.
The health facto rconsists of Physical, social, spiritual ,mental and economical health. If any of the above criteria is not upto the minimum level then it is an indicator to alert problems in their health. It is to be Ascertained and self checked whether all these factors are in order. If not, take immediate steps to bring it under minimum level to attain absolute happiness to the person concerned and their family. Incase there is growing imbalance it is likely to paralyze the equilibrium.
The next obvious question that may arise would be how to achieve it. Becoming conscious on these factors is the first step for attaining the goal. Once a person is consciously aware of these health factors and sets their goal to get good health , as a miracle every thing would fall in line. Like how a cow reaches its shelter with no guidance. This is law of nature.
You achieve what you think, dream and work for .