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Managing Partner

Venkatesan is the Managing Partner at V2 Legal and he is the founder of V2 law firm. Venkatesan enrolled as a lawyer in the year 1998 and has got 26 years of experience in the legal profession. He is a counsel for several companies, which got national and international presence. He is also a counsel for leading educational institutions and high net worth individuals, including many business leaders.

He is a known orator, debater and tough negotiator in legal forum/matters. He learned nuances on the technicality of being a successful lawyer and has dealt with sensitive criminal and commercial disputes. Many clients look forward to his strategic inputs to optimise their strategy, and his counsel is deeply valued. He has acumen in dealing with modern developments taking place in the legal dome. He is strengthened with modern laws in Information Technology, Cyber laws etc., which is in need of the hour.

Venkatesan was appointed by the Ministry of Law & Justice as Senior Central Government Standing Counsel for the High Court of Madras in the year 2015 till Feb, 2019. He appeared in several sensitive cases, connecting to Central Government and this made him flyer in various legal technical aspects.

Venkatesan has served as Counsel for Tamil Nadu Veterinary University in various cases. He continues as a Counsel and Legal Advisor for prestigious SRM Group. He is also serving as a Member of NGOs and has played key role in extending support during the time of crisis along with “Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation”, actively involved in social work, higher education, upliftment of women etc.

His contribution for the establishment of several companies such as Media, Transport, Health, Education, over two decades is remarkable in his legal career. Has expertise in criminal practice, since the day of his apprenticeship from leading and distinguished lawyers in the bar. He is also associated with many eminent senior advocates in dealing with different types of legal cases. This made him familiar amongst the legal fraternity often captured by leading news channels.

He appeared for Ministries like Home Affairs, Heavy Industries, Corporate Affairs, Power etc. He handled sensitive cases such as Puducherry MLAs’s nomination, Karti Chidambaram, Hindustan Photo Film, CSI Trust, Paramount Airways, MRF and SRM.

Venkatesan has been giving very valid opinions for Ministries, documentation related to Government of India. Besides, matters like tie up with foreign universities, formation of university, international service agreements, employer & employee related, education, media, transport, infrastructure, intellectual rights, real estate, compliance etc.

Venkatesan has a master degree in English literature, master degree in Law and Doctorate of Philosophy in the topic “Ease of English Language in Legal Judgements”. Venkatesan appeared in many courts across the country. He has widely travelled to various countries. He is registered with Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. He is also a member of Madras Bar Association.

Prem Sahayadhas


Prem is a Partner at V2 Legal. He is a key member of the team in practising and lending his expertise to the Firm in strategizing on complicated litigation matters. Since the date of founding of the V2 Legal firm along with Managing Partner.

Over the last 26 years, Prem has represented clients in complex disputes relating to civil, criminal cases and fraudulent trade practices etc. Prem is also an integral part of the Real Estate Team where he advises on disputes relating to the real estate transactions.

Clients often approach Prem during the pre-disputes stage in finalising the litigation strategy to be adopted in high stakes complex matters. The clients include corporate houses, promoters, financial institutions and shop owners.

Prem’s drafting is lauded by the legal fraternity often and settles pleading, while also appearing regularly before the High Courts and District Courts and arbitral tribunals.

Prem holds a Master degree in English Literature and degree in law. He is registered to practice with the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu.

B. Sudhir Kumar


Sudhir is a partner of V2 Legal with more than 21 years of rich experience in various branches of law. He has been doing criminal cases, employer & employee related cases, family cases, land disputes matters relating to intellectual properties, trade mark, civil, constitution etc.

He brings a very deep understanding of legal remedies in resolving disputes connected to various problems and his expertise in trial matters before various courts is laudable. He has successfully handled many cases relating to white collared crimes and offenses in corporate sector. He is an expert in conducting cases before special courts, session courts etc. with respect to criminal matters and family cases.

He has been appointed as one of the Central Government Standing Counsels in 2018 by Ministry of Law and Justice.Presently he has become Senior Central Government Standing Counsel from 2021 for madras High Court .Had assisted eminent senior lawyers and special public prosecutor and this earned him intricacies of various legal issues. He has wide experience in attending cases before various courts in India.

Sudhir holds Master degree in Geography, Master of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Bachelor degree in law. He is registered with Bar Council of Tamil Nadu.

R. Ravindran


Ravindran has been with V2 for over ten years and is recognized by his peers for his deeply honed skills in civil cases and highly engaged in High Courts, Special Courts, Magistrate Courts and other subordinate civil courts in and around Chennai. His expertise covers traditional issues relating to civil and family and is skilled in maintenance and divorce.

Ravindran is hard working in matters of arbitration, handling complex civil affairs and other branches of law. He is expert in various court procedures of both civil and criminal. Ravindran is good in handling family disputes and good negotiator in settling issues to find amicable solutions meeting both ends. He has got 26 years of experience as a lawyer.

He is known for keeping good contacts with higher officials not only in courts but also with other connected officials. Ravindran succeeded as advocate commissioner in many cases and reposed tremendous faith in Judges and it has helped in delivering quick results to the clients.

Ravindran holds a degree in Law and is registered to practice with the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu.

R. Sathyanarayanan

Senior Manager

Sathyam is a Senior Manger at V2 Legal. Has more than 36 years of experience with legal professionals. His expertise includes preparation of legal documents and compliances of the documentary formalities as per the requirement of all aspects of cases in criminal, civil and coordinating with clients in updating case status in day to day manner

Sathyam has particular strength in conventional matters of legal aspects and his timely assistance to the legal professionals is commendable. He plays crucial role as a legal assistant for more than three decades, where he advises his clients on legal issues in light of best practices and tender comprehensive commercial solutions.

He assisted eminent counsel Late Shri.K.A.Panchapagesan in criminal matters who handled sensitive criminal cases of eminent celebrities before various courts. He played active role in cases relating to political leaders. His furtherance in cases related to CBI is phenomenal.

His key areas include central government related cases and his quick action in filing before various courts resulted in quicker solutions to the law firm’s his valued clients. Sathyam undoubtedly brings his vast experience to support the legal firms to achieve success.

T. Balaji


Balaji is a Counsel at V2 Legal. More then 11 years experience in criminal matters and regularly present before High Court, Session, Metropolitan Magistrate and District Courts. He is thorough with procedures of trail courts and has been assisting Managing Partner in various cases involving criminal matters.

Balaji advises clients on issues regarding custody related matters and prison formalities. He also advises clients’ on sensitive cases and the upcoming status. His work mainly comprises of deal structuring, negotiations and execution of transactions.

Balaji works closely with V2 team in conducting trial before various criminal cases in and around Chennai.

Balaji is registered with the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and holds a law degree.

V. Anantha Srinivasan


Anantha Srinivasan is a junior advocate at V2 Legal, after enrolling as an advocate he is ably assisting the V2 team. he is proficient at drafting and preparing necessary legal documents for all types of cases. Anand is a young and enthusiastic lawyer with 4 years of experience.

He is gaining significant experience practicing in the high court, civil courts, family courts, criminal courts, labour courts in Chennai. He is appearing in certain cases along with V2 team.

He completed his Business Communications (B.Com) degree at VELS UNIVERSITY, following which he has pursued LL.B (HONS) degree at SRM UNIVERSITY. He has enrolled at the Bar Council for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and is currently practicing at the Madras High Court.

M. Mugesh


M. Mugesh is a fresh graduate from SRM law college. He has been attending office since his college days. He is passionate about learning law and the nuances of law practice and works very hard. He is sincere and gives his fullest efforts to see perfection on the assignment allotted to him. Very supportive to the seniors and the firm. He possesses good Technical and digital knowledge to help V2legal office with the new normal to follow all the court proceedings diligently. He completed his 5 years B.A. LLB (Hons.) course in 2021. He was enrolled as an advocate before the Bar Council of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.

Nithya Shree R


Nithya Shree R is a young law graduate from SRM School of Law. She is ably assisting the V2 Legal Team since 2023 as an Advocate. Even during her college days, she sincerely attended as an intern till the completion of her law degree.

She was one of the toppers in the Law School. Her skill set in research was applauded and she won a Gold Medal in a research competition for 2023. She was awarded the as Best Speaker in Moot Competitions at intercollegiate level. She was selected as one of the interns for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and got a certification. Few of her publications were published in the college journal called ‘Lex Khronika’. Apart from academics, she is also a Carnatic singer and a Keyboard player.

She is enrolled as an Advocate in the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and is practicing at the Madras High Court.