Protection comes to humanity in many ways. The eye is protected by wearing glasses, life is protected by insurance policies, the law is protected by Law Enforcing officers, Court, Lawyers and Judiciary.

In this Country, everyone has got the right to live with dignity. Men, Women, few animals and birds are protected. Hence, it becomes mandatory to have certain laws in place.

In this decade of modernism, there are more instances of child sexual abuse, both for male and female children. In order to protect them, a law has been enacted by the Parliament under the name “PROTECTION OF CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL OFFENCE (POCSO) ACT, 2012”. The object being the vulnerable section of the society is to be protected from sexual abuse, as they are either immature or defenceless.

Applying the same principle, what happens to the lunatic, if he or she is a victim of such sexual abuse? Will the act of POCSO stretch its helping hand to protect this vulnerable section too? Should not the object of POCSO extend to them also?

Even though I.P.C., has remedies to penalize such accused, the special Act, such as POCSO, if extended to all the vulnerable sections of the society, can there be expeditious legal remedies, peace for the remaining unattended, defenceless and voiceless victims without bar on age?

“Need of the day is to Care, Care is to protect”.