Since birth, everything is uncertain. Parents are not certain on sex of the child. When it will be born, Whether it is going to be born normally or through an operation. What will be the weight of the child. How the health of the child is going to be. From the ti1ne of birth till beyond we can never be accurate. In this consecutive order, everything revolves around uncertainty. When certainty arises all previous thoughts vanishes.

Most interesting things evolve only during this period of uncertainty. It gives scope for expectation. It allows colourful dreams. Whether the child born will achieve fame, popularity, good knowledge, education, health, wealth, friendship, success etc. Only till it is uncertain and only when things are hidden and secretive the travel towards certainty is thrilling and interesting if not, it is like a cat out of a bag.

The most challenges are met only when it is uncertain. Thoughts will role when their dreams are yet to see the fruits. Great and most successful people have arisen only during the period of uncertainty. If results are known, uncertainty ends. Certainty provides comfort and inactivity which deems to of destruction to all creativity.

"Let's cherish every uncertain moments and make the best out of every outcome".