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Nov 2021


The growth of V2 LEGAL and its enthusiastic team of lawyers opined that videos can appear in YouTube channel for the advantage of legal fraternity and to express ourselves visually with more vigour and authentication to demonstrate the dissemination of growth in the legal field.

This would largely help the law students, junior lawyers and law enthusiasts to have better clarity on growth of law.

As a result of impressive co-operation by the entire team “videos” in the YouTube is planned to be uploaded one after the other in the name of “V2 LEGAL”. The launch was celebrated during Diwali week.

“To move forward is the Next step towards growth”

Feb 2021


Followed by the launch of V2 LEGAL website in the year 2019 the team has come out with a simple and novel idea of disseminating legal contents through posters, which will be periodically posted in the social Media.

The object behind these posts are to update the legal content by indicative posters created with care, Caution and Creativity to illustrate, the Legal happenings, through posters. It will cover legal subjects, News on Legal issues, Quotations, etc..,

“An Initiative to make a difference”

Feb 2019

V2 Legal Website is Live!

V2 Legal is excited to announce the launch of our new website! After a lot of hard work and dedication, our website is now live and available at the URL www.v2legal.com

Our goal with this new website is to provide our clients and potential clients an easier way to reach out to our legal services and Dr.V. Venkatesan’s legal counsel. Potential clients can also learn about V2 Legal’s case history and browse information based on their own requirements.

Our new website is modelled on a simple, user-friendly and sleek interface with better access to About Us, Services, Contact, and more…